Rayhan Youth Program

Rayhan Youth Program
Fall 2019 Faith Ed
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Class Description:

Essential Aqidah is a class for Muslim youth who have a foundational knowledge of Islamic beliefs and practices of worship, but still have lingering questions about life and Truth. You may know how to pray and when to fast but still be asking yourself questions like:
• Where did I come from and why am I here?
• Does Allah really exist and how do I know?
• How do I learn about Who Allah is and how to love Him?
• Is religion and worship critical to my growth and the fulfillment of my purpose?
• What do Muslims believe in and why?
In this class students will explore the answers to these questions and more, as the dive into classical and contemporary texts on Islamic creed and beliefs. Covering the essentials of the Arkan Al-Iman will be anything but basic in this class so attending students must be able to take notes and eager to learn.

Texts Covered in Class will Include:

  1. Essentials of Islamic Faith by Suhaib Webb (Covers Al-Tawhidiyya of Imam Al-Dardir)
  2. The Creed of Imam Al-Tahawi, translated by Hamza Yusuf
  3. Islamic Concept of God by Mohammad Zia Ullah
  4. Excerpts from Islam The Natural Way by AbdulWahid Hamid
  5. Also Recommended: Islam: Religion of Life by Abdul Wadod Shalabi

Ustatha Kouthar Muttardy was born and grew up in Northern Virginia, the daughter of an American convert and a Libyan immigrant. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with an emphasis in child development from George Mason University, and has completed a Master’s Degree in elementary education from Marymount University. Ustatha Kouthar has worked with multiple age groups as a preschool, high school special education, 2nd grade, and middle school history and civics teacher. Ustatha Kouthar has also served as an Islamic Sunday school curriculum coordinator, developing curriculum for over 300 students in grades K-12. She is currently homeschooling her teenage daughters while running her own consulting company, teaching part time, coaching, and leading Girl Scouts and a girls halaqa. Ustatha Kouthar has formal training in tajwid, tafsir, aqeeda, seerah, hadith, and Hanbali and Shafi’i fiqh. She is currently pursuing her Religious Leader Certification through the Ribaat Academic Institute. Ustatha Kouthar is passionate about education, feeling most happy when she is learning or teaching. She is honored and excited to join Mozaic’s instructional team.