Arabic kitchen that recruits chefs from the refugee and immigrant communities to offer them opportunities. Many refugees and immigrants face financial hardships in addition to cultural, educational, and language barriers. Safartas is an opportunity for them to showcase their culinary skills in recipes originating from their home countries. It is also a way to introduce authentic ethnic recipes to the …


Mozaic provides financial support for refugees, families in need, widowed women, single mothers with children, domestic violence victims, and people with disabilities. We also provide case management for these clients until their non financial needs are settled. Services we offer include: school enrollment, ESOl classes, vocational training, job search, job equipments and training, medical assistance, transportation.


Our training sessions focus on benefiting and enriching women through hands on trainings and educational programs.  The end goal is to help women become supportive and integral factors in their families and communities.


  Illumination Lounge: This program offers different Islamic classes for women through Halaqah (Islamic teachings) and other specialized classes.It is designed to help women forge a sense of community, establish friendships and acquire life skills. Keys of Paradise: It is essential for us to inspire, teach and guide children.We established Keys of Paradise to offer guidance and support to children …