The Culture of Islam in the Subcontinent

Class will begin in January 2024.

Course Objective:

To understand and recognize the unique way in which Islam is practiced in the subcontinent. Every culture cultivates and absorbs Islam in a way that is natural to them and the subcontinent is no different. Students will learn how Islam was invited in and welcomed from the 7th year of the Hijrah.

Course Outline:

The course will involve a study of the sounds of Islam, language, the look of Islam (architecture, clothing, gardens), and the taste of the foods of the Muslims of the region. There will be a short overview of the history of the spread of Islam and the Muslim empires up until the Partition. Special guests will guide students through the history of Kashmir and the current situation of Muslims in India.

This will be an immersive 6-week course involving the sights, sounds, and smells of Muslim India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.