Mozaic Care

About Mozaic Care

Mozaic Care delivers urgent assistance and case management services tailored for refugees and their families. Our initiatives are strategically crafted to empower women and children, aiding them in building resilient foundations within their new communities. We are deeply committed to providing platforms for refugees to demonstrate their skills and expertise. 

Mozaic Care gives priority to supporting orphans, single mothers, individuals with disabilities, unaccompanied minors, and Muslim foster children within our initiatives aimed at empowering refugees and their families.

Mozaic Care Services

Mozaic Care Clients

Our Approach

At Mozaic Care, our approach is rooted in empowerment and support. We provide essential services like job assistance, mental health support, and financial aid, helping refugees, women, and children regain control of their lives. Our holistic approach aids solo refugees, families, widowed women, single mothers, domestic violence victims, and those with disabilities on their journey to self-reliance and integration.

Muslim Foster Parenting Awareness

One of our additional initiatives involves promoting awareness and conducting workshops on Muslim foster parenting. Collaborating with Loudoun and Fairfax County, we host workshops designed to encourage Muslim families to pursue licensing as foster parents, facilitating the fostering of Muslim children within the foster care system.

What Happens After Resettlement?

Mental Health


Mozaic prioritizes mental health after our resettlement steps. How can one integrate with others when they can hardly integrate with themselves? A lot goes into mental health.

Therapy Efforts

Equine Therapy

We harness the healing power of equine therapy to support the well-being of refugees, women, and children to help individuals build resilience, self-confidence, and emotional connection, 

Social Integration

Coffee With Refugees

Once clients feel comfortable, they are provided an outlet to heal while socially integrating with each other through Coffee With Refugees – an outlet to reflect and move forward.