Mozaic Refugee Education Courses

Discover the opportunities waiting for you at Mozaic Academy. Our refugee education programs are designed to empower individuals on their journey to self-sufficiency. Explore our diverse range of classes below to start your educational path today. Let’s learn, grow, and build a better future together.

RefugeeED: Vocational Training

Vocational training and career development classes is an area that the RefugeeED program focuses on. We designed curriculums to equip refugees with valuable skills and knowledge for their workforce. Click below to learn more about our progress with vocational training.

RefugeeED: Mozaic Kitchen

Mozaic Kitchen is an area that RefugeeED focuses on to assist business-minded refugees start their catering businesses. Overtime, we discovered the insreasing demand in ethnic food catering. We began foducing on Mozaic Kitchen to allow refugee to dominate this industry 

RefugeeED: Sewing Studio

Our Sewing Studio and Textile Arts Workshops provide hands-on training in sewing and textile arts, nurturing creative expression and opening doors to potential entrepreneurship opportunities while stitching together a brighter future! Discover the art of sewing and textiles while unlocking your creative potential at our studio.