Kids’ I’tikaf Program – Spring Break

  • Event Starting in:
27 Mar 2024
  • Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
  • Location: 46090 Lake Center Plaza, Suite 304, Sterling, VA 20165
  • Program: Kids' I'tikaf Program
Join us for an enriching and spiritually uplifting Kids I’tikaf Program this spring break at Mozaic Center!
Designed for children ages 9-11, this special event offers a unique opportunity for young hearts to deepen their understanding of Islamic traditions and practices.

Participants will:

  • Explore the significance of Laylatul Qadr(the Night of Decree), and its immense blessings.
  • Learn about the noble manners of I’tikaf, a spiritual retreat observed in the last ten days of Ramadan, and create an I’tikaf plan.
  • Discover the beautiful etiquettes of making dua (supplication), understanding the power of sincere prayers and connecting with Allah.
  • Make I’tikaf at the Mozaic Center.

Limited spots are available, so don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to nurture your child’s spiritual growth in a supportive and educational environment.

Price: $30.00