Mozaic Digest: July 2023

The Mozaic Center was abuzz with various activities in July! Thank you to all who participated and supported our events.

Eid Celebration

We held our very first Eid Celebration at the Mozaic Center last month. Community members came together to support local vendors, including refugee-owned businesses. 

Families were able to enjoy fun activities such as board games, storytime, crafts and a special art activity by Space Art Foundation.

Here are the refugee-owned businesses who made the event a success:

Majlis Arabia

Abdul-Rahman, a devoted father of six, embarked on a refugee journey to the US three years ago. He started Mosaic Majlis Arabia specializing in beautifully crafted Arabian couches. His dedication and passion have led him to establish a small but growing showroom, where he showcases the fine artistry of Arabian couches. 

Rugs Handcrafts

Mohammad is an Afghan refugee who arrived in the US just six months ago. To provide for his family here and support his loved ones back in Afghanistan, he sells hand-made carpets, bags and shoes crafted with love and care by his sisters and the women from his hometown in Northern Afghanistan. 

Nathalie Fashion LLC Pix

Firas Obaid is a talented fashion designer and dedicated father from Syria, who embarked on a remarkable journey to the United States seven years ago. A graduate of the French Fashion School, he started Nathalie Fashion- importing premium hijabi fashion from Turkey. Over time, Firas expanded his enterprise, encompassing services such as clothing repair, laundry, and ironing, all delivered with utmost dedication and finesse. He can be reached 667-219-1565

Space for Art Foundation

Attendees to the Eid Celebration enjoyed the opportunity to paint under the guidance of artist, Maria Lanas, from Space for Art Foundation. Space for Art Foundation, in partnership with spacesuit company ILC Dover Astrospace and Foundation UNITY, has initiated a groundbreaking project last year called the “Spacesuit Art Project” that involves children’s remarkable artistic contributions. The spacesuits, named “Hope,” “Courage,” “Unity,” have already been worn by esteemed astronauts such as Astronaut Kate Rubins, on their ventures beyond our planet. Now, the remarkable artwork crafted by the Mozaic kids will become an integral part of an upcoming spacesuit, enriching the astronaut’s journey with the creativity and aspirations of these young Artonauts.

Arlington Democrats Caucus Interfaith Eid Celebration

The Mozaic Refugee Kitchen was heartened to cater for the Arlington Democrats Caucus Interfaith Eid Celebration. This is the fourth year the organization has engaged Mozaic Refugee Kitchen. 

It was an engaging event where people came together to celebrate! Mozaic also had a table to share about our various programs. Thank you for having us!

Kids’ Sira Club

Mozaic’s Kids’ Sira Club held a special 4-day workshop on the Shamail of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) at the center. Students aged 7 – 10 years old spent time learning about the Prophet in an interactive way, with crafts, quizzes and storytime. If you missed this, make sure to sign up for our upcoming Annual Kids’ Sira Workshop on September 17! Get your tickets now !

Women’s Hadith Class

Mozaic Center hosted a class of 6 female students aged 15 and up, who learned the collection of 40 Hadith of Imam Nawawi under the guidance of Mozaic’s Founder and Executive Director, Raghad Bushnaq. The hybrid class, held over two weeks, was an intensive session that led to an ijazah.

Mozaic Care Essentials Depot

Thank you to our generous donors who purchased items from the Amazon wishlist and donated food items. With your support, we have been able to help several new families that arrived in the DMV area, and are preparing to welcome more. Please share the donation link with your family and friends!

Mozaic Center 

With your generous support, the center has been able to offer more programs. Take a look at our latest picture.

Don’t forget to register for our upcoming events:

  • Mawlid Gala
  • Women’s Mawlid
  • Kids’ Sira Workshop