Fayez & Manal

Meet Fayez, Manal, and Yazan, owners of Royal Embroidery!


When they arrived

Fayez & Manal arrived to Maryland, USA in the year 2016. Mozaic welcomed them and provided them with furniture and other household items to help them get settled in.


Their Experience

Fayez has years of experience working in the embroidery industry back in Syria, so our team suggested the idea of starting a small embroidery business, but Fayez wanted to learn English and have a career that would help him understand the American system and mentality.

For six years Manal & Fayez, parents of two, worked at the Marriott in the events department. Later, Manal found a job at a candle shop. Fayez was employed by an embroidery company where he found a lot of success.

Manal had a plan in mind; to work hard for a few years to build their credit and save up for a down payment to buy a house. Three years later, Manal & Fayez were able to accomplish this dream! In 2022, Fayez was convinced that the time to start a business had arrived, so he started up in his basement. He bought 2 embroidery machines and he placed one in his basement, and the other at the candle shop where his wife worked.


Where are they now

Last weekend, Mozaic had a coffee at Fayez and Manal’s home to celebrate their family success and catch up.

During the visit, Manal said, “I have not been very social since arriving to the states. The couple of hours I spend socializing could be used as a source of income instead.
The visit was very heartwarming, their home very cozy, and they/their children were very hospitable.

Yazan, their eldest child, is studying marketing. He’s establishing a website for the embroidery business. Mozaic is excited to share the link publicly soon! Royal Embroidery is the name of their baby company.

Fayez & Manal themselves have hosted some newly arrived refugees in their basement a handful of times, until the resettlement agency was able to move them to permanent apartments.

Mozaic wishes them luck and success in their business and all their efforts!

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