June Newsletter

A word from Mozaic’s Founder and Executive Director, Raghad Bushnaq:

Dear Mozaic Community,

As we reflected on World Refugee Month in June, we were reminded of the strength, resilience, and unwavering hope of millions of refugees worldwide. That month was a time to honor their courage, recognize their struggles, and celebrate their invaluable contributions to our communities.

At Mozaic, we reaffirmed our commitment to providing support, resources, and a welcoming environment for refugees as they rebuild their lives. Each story of perseverance inspired us to work harder, to advocate more passionately, and to extend our hands with greater compassion.

We at Mozaic are committed to improving and updating our programs to suit the needs of refugees and offer the most effective services. This month, our team put the final touches on two of our most important programs: Refugee Employment Advancement Lead (REAL) or as formally known as Career Development and the Mozaic Youth Club.

Together, we stood in solidarity with refugees, ensuring that they find not just refuge, but a true home, where dreams are nurtured and futures are bright.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Raghad Bushnaq

We are thrilled to announce that Mozaic has become part of the Remote Resettlement Program in affiliation with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) International Rescue Committee. As part of this incredible initiative, we will be welcoming our first family through the program very soon


Mozaic Refugee Kitchen hosted an exciting Chef Culinary Challenge at the Mozaic Center, aimed at providing culinary guidance to two promising new chefs.

Three expert judges came together to assess the food and offer live feedback and advice. They evaluated various aspects including:

* Time Management and Punctuality

* Packaging and Presentation

* Smell and Taste

* Visual Appeal

* Cleanliness and Organization

* Customer Service Skills

* Attitude

In addition, we discussed shopping for ingredients and selecting the best quality of basic ingredients. Also, we discussed cost and market prices with the chefs and evaluated the need for more training and guidance sessions.

Stay tuned for more updates and support these talented chefs as they continue their culinary journey!