Mozaic Annual Newsletter

Dear Mozaic Community,

As we embark on 2024, we are delighted to share the incredible achievements and milestones that Mozaic has reached in 2023. Thanks to the unwavering support of our community, dedicated volunteers, and passionate team, Mozaic has made a significant impact in the lives of many.

Mozaic Center

In May 2023, we transitioned to the new Mozaic Center, consolidating our operations and expanding our services. This move empowered us to reach more families and community members through various programs, classes, and events.

Mozaic Academy, A Path to Prosper: 14 classes, 153 students

  • Children’s Program: We offered 4 classes that catered to the needs of 100 children. Our commitment to providing a nurturing environment for growth and learning continues to positively influence the lives of the youngest members of our community.
  • Youth and Adult Programs: Mozaic’s educational outreach extended to 25 youths and 26 adults, ensuring that knowledge is accessible to all age groups. Additionally, 16 refugee youths and 12 refugee adults benefited from microelectronics and sewing classes.

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Sewing Studio Success:

  • Refugee-Led Instruction: Our sewing studio thrived with 12 students being taught by a talented refugee instructor. This initiative not only imparts valuable skills but also empowers refugees to share their expertise and become leaders in our community. Students have honed skills in garment-making, including skirts, blouses, pants, and dresses.

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Mozaic Kitchen Activities:

  • Iftar Meals on Wheels: Provided 600 meals to refugees and underserved families.
  • Ramadan Food Boxes: Distributed 60 packages, each containing a month’s supply for a family of six.
  • Supported 8 chefs through marketing, catering, and in-home culinary training.
  • Engaged in 5 bazaars.
  • Hosted and cooked for UNHCR at the Mozaic Center.
  • Catered food for the Arlington Democrate Caucus Interfaith Eid Celebration.
  • Thanksgiving Food Contribution: Cooked by refugees and volunteers for Cornerstone Shelter.
  • Thanksgiving Lunch: Served at the center for 35 newly arrived refugee women.
  • Provided cooking tools to 5 refugee chefs.

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Mozaic Care:

  • Care Essentials Depot: Our storage has been busy since May- receiving and distributing furniture and household items to newly-arrived refugees. We furnished 10 houses and provided household items to 28 families.
  • Food Pantry: Supported 30 newly arrived families facing delays in food stamp processes.
  • Welcome Dinner: Due to the increased number of refugees, we welcomed 85 new Afghan and Syrian women.
  • Case Management:  Mozaic aided 49 families through case management and financial aid. We focused on families with disabilities, domestic violence survivors, and mothers with orphaned children.

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Community Engagement:

  • Events: Mozaic organized 17 events throughout the year, hosted various speakers and brought together 637 individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Mozaic Grand Qiyam: Our annual event every Ramadan, where women come together for a night of worship and contemplation during the last 10 days of Ramadan. Last Ramadan, 130 women attended the Grand Qiyam where we featured 5 youth hafizat.
  • Market Events and Career Fair: We actively participated in 2 market events organized by One Journey in June and December, showcasing the talents of refugee chefs and artisans. Additionally, Mozaic assisted in a career fair hosted by Welcome.US, contributing to the professional development of our participants. Mozaic also hosted a market at the Mozaic Center as part of Eid Celebrations in June to feature local vendors and refugee entrepreneurs!
  • Weekly meetings with Welcome.US: To explore job opportunities for refugees.
  • Other Collaborations: Mozaic was honored to be part of:
  • George Washington University’s No One Left Behind events, emphasizing our commitment to inclusivity and equality.
  • George Mason on SOAR and CIE programs
  • American University on their mental health panel
  • Catholic Charities to educate the community on Foster parenting in Islam and how to facilitate this efforts through the Muslim families
  • Hello Neighbors Convening

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Earthquake in Syria and Turkey:

Mozaic packed 550 boxes filled with new winter aid to the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Our gratitude to the Diyanet Center of America for facilitating the shipping and providing a space for the drive.

Heartfelt thanks go to our 136 dedicated volunteers and countless donors who came from all around the area, contributing new items that have made a significant impact. In response to the urgent need, Mozaic received an overwhelming $101,000 in financial donations. We are proud to announce that these funds were directed to reputable organisations – White Helmet, MedGlobal, and Syrian Forum.

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Business Support: 

Mozaic supported many refugee and immigrant-owned businesses by highlighting them to the community, allowing them to grow and reach more community members:

DamascinosAmori PastriesMosaic Majalis Al Arabi, Nathalie Fashion, Sarah Rugs HandcraftBodi by SamirahZ.H CalligraphyGifting FairyAis AbayaFarida Bitar and dessert artisan Ruba.

Our Partners:

Haute HijabSara Khalil DesignAya MontessoriSiwar BoxIntentionally by DesignSpace for Art FoundationDeenHubbBoxyLoftMubarak Paper Co, ADAMS Center Children’s Committee, Qahwa, Al-Fatih Academy, Girl Scouts Troop 5301, George Washington She’s The First Club, George Town Medical Students and Faculty, Nova Friends of Refugees, Archewell Foundation, Hello NeighborMOMNetworkPixelThisMarketing, Tariq Amin, Ismael Mir, Al Husna Ensemble, and Nasamat.

As we reflect on the past year, we extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who contributed to Mozaic’s success. Your dedication and support continue to be the driving force behind our mission. Together, let’s look forward to a future filled with education, empowerment, and a united community.

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