Mozaic November 2023 Digest

Dear Mozaic Community,

As the chill of winter settles in, our hearts are warmed by the incredible support and generosity shown by our community throughout November. This month has been filled with heartfelt initiatives, engaging events, and the spirit of togetherness that defines Mozaic’s mission.

Supporting Newly Arrived Families:

We’re delighted to share that Mozaic distributed winter coats and blankets to newly arrived refugee families in Maryland and Virginia. The warmth and comfort these essentials provide during the colder months are invaluable to those starting anew in our communities.

Our dedicated team made warm, loving visits to 7 new families, and we’re thrilled to announce that we furnished 9 apartments for newly arrived families in both Maryland and Virginia. This month alone, we welcomed and supported 21 new families, extending our reach and impact within the community.

Empowering Through Education:

Our sewing classes have been a tremendous success, completing 7 sessions this month. Students not only learned the art of making dresses and pants but also showcased incredible creativity by upcycling old clothes into new, fashionable pieces. The camaraderie within these classes has been heartwarming, with participants sharing advice, stories, and delightful moments over food and tea.

Voices of Resilience:

‘Voices of Resilience’ was a powerful event highlighting the displacement and refuge experiences of Bosnian and Palestinian communities. Speakers Leila Anwar Pačariz and Laura Albast shared poignant stories at the Mozaic Center, underscoring the strength and resilience of these communities.

A Taste of Thanks:

At ‘A Taste of Thanks,’ Afghan & Syrian refugees alongside community members came together to cook, dine, and share cultural experiences. It was a beautiful evening where barriers dissolved, friendships formed, and clothing donations were generously exchanged, allowing everyone to take home bundles of gently used clothing.

Nourishing the Community:

Mozaic Kitchen’s commitment to spreading love and care was evident as we sent freshly cooked meals to Cornerstone Shelter in Reston. Additionally, we initiated home training for 2 refugee chefs, guiding them through markets and culinary experiences step by step.

Call for Support:

With the number of new refugee families escalating, we’re still accepting items for our winter drive. Household items are particularly needed as our storage is running low. Your continued support is invaluable in helping us meet these needs. Purchase your gift here https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1T61BHRCXN6JT?ref_=wl_share

Mozaic’s Endowment Fund (Waqf)

We’re excited to announce the launch of Mozaic’s Endowment Fund (Waqf), a significant step towards ensuring the sustainability and growth of our community efforts. This fund will enable individuals like you to become an integral part of Mozaic’s journey and contribute to securing the future of our initiatives.

The primary goals of this endowment fund is to aid Mozaic in paying off our space. Your contribution, no matter the size, will play a crucial role in supporting our mission to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for women, refugees and immigrants. Your support will have a lasting impact https://mozaic.kindful.com/?campaign=1191342

Thank you for being the heart of Mozaic, and for your unwavering support in making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve. Together, we can continue to build a community filled with warmth, compassion, and boundless opportunities.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Mozaic Team