The Power Of Love and Community on Eid: A Reflection on Mozaic’s Celebrations

Bringing joy and happiness to a refugee spending their very first Eid in America is an incredible gift. The cultural traditions of Eid are filled with warmth, happiness, and a sense of togetherness that can feel foreign and distant when living in a new and unfamiliar place. However, imagine the profound impact it would have to provide that same sense of warmth and love to someone who may be feeling isolated and alone in a new country.

This is why sharing the love and kindness of Eid with a refugee is such a wonderful opportunity. By being there to support and embrace them, you have the power to create a sense of belonging and comfort that can help them feel connected to their homeland and their community.

Imagine the smile on their face as they experience the warmth of a hug, as though their entire homeland is wrapping their arms around them. The simple act of sharing a meal, telling stories, or listening to their experiences can create a sense of unity and understanding that can help ease the loneliness and uncertainty of being in a new place.

The Mozaic Team places great emphasis on providing new refugees in America with a unique and unforgettable first Eid experience. In 2016, in partnership with MSA, 130 refugees enjoyed Eid festivities at a water park, where they received eidi and enjoyed festive food. Buses were arranged to bring the refugees from Maryland to Virginia, allowing them to experience the love and warmth of our community.

Since then, the Mozaic Team has worked tirelessly to make Eid a special celebration for new refugees. They have partnered with many organizations who have generously funded and supported their big Eid day year after year. 

In 2023, they partnered with Penny Appeal for the fourth time to fund the Eid party. Quba Center in Sterling forwarded their Zakat Alfiter to be distributed to newly arrived refugees who are struggling financially. The Diyanet Center in Lanham, MD opened the doors of their cultural center to use it as a venue for the Eid party. Unity Productions Foundation gave Mozaic an exclusive screening of Lamya’s Poem movie.

And that’s not all. The Syrian youth, Cub Scouts at Adams, Qahwa Cafe at Adams, and Mubarak Paper Co collected 250 gifts, wrapped them in fancy gift wrap, and attached Eid greeting cards. Meanwhile, Alfatih Academy students prepared more than 200 goodie bags for the kids. All of these efforts came together to create a truly special day for the new refugees, ensuring that they felt welcomed, loved, and cared for during their first Eid in America.

The joy and happiness that filled the air during the Eid celebration were truly heartwarming. The smiles on the faces of the parents were wider than those of the children, and their gratitude was overflowing. The children couldn’t help but shower the organizers with hugs and affection, while the parents affectionately referred to Mozaic’s founder as “Tete Raghad.”

There was one moment that stood out among many others – a child picked a small yellow flower from the grass and gifted it to Tete Raghad, telling her that she was like a grandmother to him. This heartfelt gesture was a reminder of how much the refugees appreciated the efforts put in by the Mozaic team to make their Eid celebrations unforgettable.

In truth, it was the refugees themselves who made the day so special. Their genuine warmth and appreciation made the Mozaic team’s Eid celebrations more meaningful than they ever could have imagined. Their love and gratitude will stay with the Mozaic team, inspiring them to continue making a positive impact in the lives of new refugees.