Vocational Training

We focus on providing hands-on training & educational programs to our Refugee clients.

What is our goal?

The goal of vocational training is to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to perform specific jobs or trades and to provide them with the ability to earn a livelihood in their chosen field. It is designed to prepare individuals for employment and to give them the skills they need to succeed in the workplace. Vocational training can help individuals develop the skills they need to pursue their passions and interests, and can lead to greater economic opportunities and financial stability.

How we do it

We begin our vocational training by identifying the unique talents of each refugee. We then create teams of refugees with similar talents, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Our training sessions are designed to target essential vocational skills in the US while incorporating activities that hone each group's specific talents. This approach ensures that our training is effective and tailored to the individual needs of each refugee.

High Demand Trainings

Our vocational training program targets the enrichment of our clients skills. We provide multiple types of training sessions such as career development training, tailored to benefit the Refugee, Women and Children of our organization.


Types of training:

Career Development – For Job Seekers


Kitchen Training – For Chefs


Citizenship Class – For Refugees


Do you have time to help out?

We are always looking for volunteers, partners and donars.